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November 28, 2016
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Get-together Hanerau 01.10.2016

Get-together Hanerau 01.10.2016

Another 4 weeks are over, time for another get-together! This time we met at Oliver & Steffanies house which had the romm to shelter all cars an drivers.

The night before we had to take care of Tobias 300D as his propshaft mount was calling, it made „some noises“ as per him. Myself was busy cleaning and waxing the 300TE. Some minor things like oilchange and a broken wiperwater tank were done as well as the repositioning of some plastic covers in the trunk.


Driving with 3 cars only, the already mentioned 300D, a E320TE and myself with the red 300TE. Lucky me as i didnt wear bermudas, 8 degrees in the morning were quite cold. The way to Hanerau was very nice though, sunshine and countryside roads paired up quite nice!

Once arrived we found the freaks already working on my mothers former 190E 2.3. Richards mum now owns it and were given a helping hand while her boys did some oilchanges. Later on the possibilty to use Olivers lift platform was used by some folks so we had to repark from time to time.

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Overall this had been a nice round with people and cars from all kinds, around 10 cars in total were counted. Big thanks to Oliver and his wife for having us, we would love to repeat this within the near future! Next meeting will be in Linau on 29.10.2016, with more space and more people. Interested? Heres the  Link  with all informations needed!

Looking forward to see you guys again soon!


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