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November 28, 2016
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November 28, 2016
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Status W124 OM606 turbo conversion

Status W124 OM606 turbo conversion



Unfortunately it has been way too quite on the superturbodiesel topic. The S210 was ripped for parts and only the drivetrain remained within the car. So, time to get the engine eg. pulled.

We also removed the full drive train. The automatic transmission, a 722.6 5 gear is known for taking up to 900Nm. It wont get this bad but its good to know that once the gearbox gets refurbished performance parts can be used instead of normal ones. The big advantage is the fith gear of course, with some additional hours spend on electronics teh needed signals can be taken from even older cars than the W124. A crazy guy from Denmark offers a more or less plug&play solution which makes it possible to run the gearbox in nearly every car you want. A project within project this will be, for everyone interested into the gearbox controller please visit the following site: OFGear

S210s have big driveshafts,  maybe will come into use later so i also put it to storage. The differental as well even though it is not clear whether this piece can be fitted into the W124. The S210 ABS is fitted into the stub axles so we will have to see how that works.


Tight space behind the front bumper

The engine block was already disconnected from all hoses and wires. Main workload was to remove the 3 cooler behind the front bumper. The big turbodiesel engine have both engine oil and automatic transmission coolers which sit in the bumper corners. The front is ocupied by the intercooler. Both oil coolers also have electric fans attached to it. My deepest respect to the engineers for using every single milimeter of space.


I also have to give big respect to the former oweners from eastern Germany. The car stil had valid MOT till end of 2016. Dont know how they managed that, with large 20cm rustholes underneath the car which are more or less common on the W/S210 models. More interesting was the use of both one halogen and one xenon headlight, within the same car. The exhaust system mainly consisted of two things, the precat and rear muffler. Not to forget a whole lot of the baddest welding i saw in a while. The sound must have been quite funny!



Next stop will be to place the engine on a jackstand, massive cleaning and repainting of the exhaust side. The paint there is nearly burned by 100% and needs to be renewed.

In the end i still remember the sellers words, he told me that they always took good care of the car….

Dont know what these guys do to cars they dont like…

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