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November 29, 2016
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Januar 17, 2017
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2017 – New year, new projects!

2017 – New year, new projects!

After taking a longer break to finish studies and to get over Christmas we are back! And since New Years eve left all fingers attached we can start with some new projects right away!


Topics & plans for 2017

Documenatation area

For 2017 we have some nice projects in the making that will make some good documentations. One of them will be a really bad S124 waggon rear sidewindow frame that needs major attention. But we will also work on smaller service issues that all cars will have, sooner or later.

Richards full restoration is coming into the crucial phase. Front axle area currently gets done and receives a nice and new setup. Roll-out is planned for summer 2017 but theres still a huge load of work to do!

Here we go, having fun looks different then what we have here. We will make sure this 230TE gets back to old grace. Full story is currently in the making!
















Another thing we´re on is supporting a local follower on his project. Malte got his 300TE from us which we saved from scrapping. He now is disassembling the whole car and started on the welding jobs. We will give some updates here from time to time, please make sure to get the latest updates via his Instagram account that can be found here: Malte560SEC on Instagram

Our support includes providing him with fully restored front and rear axles that will make the 300TE drive like its new! This is also a good transition to another important point.


As some regular readers may have spotted, wagen124.com will launch its own webshop! Currently we work on the models, have them shooted in a studio to give the pieces an appropriate apperance. We will start with axle components for both W124 & W201 and already work on W123/W126. Our parts will be available in different levels, from powdercoated axle frames to fully done and complete axles with yellow zinc plated bolts & screws!

We have been working on these cars since almost 14 years and restored numberous cars, daily drivers and nearly concours like cars. We ship worldwide and we would love to help you on your project as well! Just leave us a message!

Some impressions from our first shooting:










The shop will take some more time, this doesnt mean we are not activly working on this. If you have a need just let us know!

Photo shootings, cruises & meetings

This year we definitively will need to do more photo shootings as it is so much fun and pleasure seeing the results in the end! We experimented with several things and will have some shoots this year, specially with motion shots being done. Another thing is that we plan more mutual cruisings. Shorter ones within northern Germany but also longer ones like a visit of the  Eifel Rallye Festival in Daun which goes down from 20.07-22.07.2017. If you like fast cars this is something you need to do before being old. Group-B rallye cars, Audi Quattro with Walter Roehrl driving: Simply petrol head heaven!!! We already have 5 participating cars that will attend this country road trip and we look for more!

Of course there will be some more meetings as well, starting in April or May. We started the plannings and will share the details once ready!



Last but not least we want to thank all readers and followers, active and passive ones! Here or on our channels on Instagram & facebook! Specially constructive feedback is what helps us improving this site so please keep it coming!

Also i want to thank the people helping me to fill this page with content, this wouldnt work with a one man show only!




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