End of season meeting 2016

Time flys by, another year gone and it starts to get cold outside. Last meeting for this year is calling!

End of season meeting 2016

From start beginning of this year over to summer and autumn, our monthly meetings attracted more and more Mercedes enthusiasts. Due to this we decided to held the last meeting of this year at a place that can bear a little more participants. The last meetings were held at our homes which started to become insufficent due to space and parking situation. Specially when couples take part and bring two cars each the situation gets worse! Besides this it we prefer to have all cars concentrated in one place rather than blocking a full neighbourhood with nice old Mercs.

Alright then, this time we chose our Linau based garage for our meeting. Enough space for 40-50 cars and a nice landscape around made this a good choice. The weather was quite fine and surprised us with nearly 12° degrees. Once the last participants left and Gert and myself started to disasseble everything the rain started. Perfect timing i would say. This time we had around 20 cars that followed our invitation and made this a nice day for all of us. From the license plates you can see that the cars came from complete northern Germany. Big respect to the teams from Berlin and Cuxhaven! Mainly t-waggons were brought, late facelifts. Limousines and coupes were short. We hope to have some more of them next time, special note to myself to have the 230CE running till then.

Enough said, lets see some pictures:

Pictures from our end of season meeting 2016

img_2943 img_2944 img_2945 img_2946 img_2947 img_2948 Saisonabschlusstreffen 2016 img_2950 img_2951 img_2952 img_2953 img_2954 img_2955 img_2956 img_2957 img_2958 img_2959  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




















































Now we are a little weepy, cars will be taken to winter storage and next meeting will be around April. Big thanks to all people that took part of this, we hope to see you again next time! Also thanks to Gert and Eckard.

See you guys (and girls!) in April when sunlight and goodweather will be back. Till then we will have some more parking places and the buildings restoration will be done.

Thanks !!!



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