Upgrade S124 waggon with S211 Easypack compartment

Upgrade S124 waggon with S211 Easypack compartment

Every waggon driver know the problem, the trunk is just large but storage compartments are few. This is one of the few deficits the W124 series has. The waggon has additional compartments but what to do if these are already in use?

A nice and decent way to get additional storage is the Easypack compartment. Mercedes sold these to S211 owners via their dealerships but took them out of the listing some months ago. The compartment gets clamped to the bottom floor panel and is easily removed without leaving a mark. The main advantage besides giving additional space is that specially for vacation trips eg. the box´content cannot be seen from the outside. Only by opening the left fond door, picking up the seat cushion and pulling the backrest it can be accessed. Nice for storing tools or anything that isnt needed on a daily basis.


The compartment fits between the wheel housing panels like it has been made for this car and fills the space behind the rear seats that normally is not in use any how.


To me compartments made in black, gray and creme are known. Maybe there were versions on blue or even other crazy colors. What needs to be mentioned at last: both gray and black shade carpets do not fit  a 100% to the S124. For daily drivers this shouldnt be a deal breaker.

In Germany most of the boxes are sold on eBay Kleinanzeigen which is nothing but simple classifieds.

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