W124 cabin airfilter replacement

W124 cabin airfilter replacement


As long as a W124 is taking to free garages it often happens that the regular service checklists arent followed step by step. Another reason could be that the airfilter are hided behind some plastic covers and not everybody is feeling like doing this tricky job. Who knows. Normally these filters need changing every year. If not already done by you its time!

Why changing?

Like every filter within the autmotive sector the cabin air filter has a product lifecycle like every other filter has. Once in place the filters do prevent even the smallest elements in the air from being drawn into the interior. After some time dirt from all kinds starts to cover the filters surface and the amount of air passing it gets lower and lower. The dirt which also likes to be wet most of the time makes it a good place for mold. Something you dont want to breath in everytime you drive the car.  Once you have seen your old filters you will do the change on a yearly basis, promised.


Good for us: No big preparations need to be done. Only the filters are needed which come in a set of 2. A useful add on is the desinfection of the vaporizer and its surroundings as we will never come closer to this part. The filters can be ordered via Mercedes Benz with partnumber being A1248300118 and costing around 47,60€ (Nov 2016) or via aftermarket dealers. Dont buy the cheapest ones as those filters often fail because the impregnating is missing. This leads to humidity within the car and specially on the windows which is really annoying. The desinfection can be bought from Liqui Moly via EAN code 4100420040870. Just search the same via Google and look for best prices.

Everything onhand? Lets get started!


The replacement

The filters are placed below the front window and behind the wiper engine. To get the plastic covers removed we need to start with the window sealings.


image image


Next stop will be the covers from the the wiper engine and gearing. Once removed you can see the filters below it.


image image

Next stop will be the vaporizer. Due to its surface always being wet from condensating water it also attracts dirt. So with a car being old like the ones we drive it surely will be a good idea to clean it from time to time.


Once the cleaner is dumped into the ac the engine needs to be started and runned for 10 minutes. Open all interior vents in order to have the cleaner pushed through the whole system.

Now you can place the new filters and be happy about clean and fresh air!

image image

Done! Okay, almost. Getting the car back together is still to come. But with a little practise this job is done in less than an hour!


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